We Thought We’d Seen the Last of the Mullet Trend, Then Troye Sivan Entered the Chat

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We’ve seen so many celebrities with mullet haircuts this year that, at this point, we’re convinced they’re all part of some elaborate plan to bring the style back for good. From Miley Cyrus to Debby Ryan, it seems like mullets have been everywhere over the last few months, and now Troye Sivan is the latest celebrity to debut his take on the hairstyle.

The singer showed off his new mullet via Instagram earlier this week with a series of selfies. “Ur rat boy,” he captioned one of the photos. Judging by most of the pics Sivan has shared over the last few days, it looks like the haircut was inspired by an all-new visual he’s releasing for his song, “Easy.” The video premieres on Dec. 9, featuring Kacey Musgraves — who also debuted a new hairstyle, with blond hair and curtain bangs — and Mark Ronson.

Check out more photos of Troye Sivan’s mullet ahead.


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