We’re Confident There’s Something For Him In These 25+ Holiday Gift Ideas From Sephora

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Whether you consider yourself one step away from a professional makeup artist or simply someone who dabbles in skin care, chances are you’ve already checked out the new holiday options at Sephora when figuring out your own wish list. After all, there are plenty of stocking stuffers under $25 and so many lustworthy gift sets, too.

But, because it’s the season of giving, there’s a good chance your holiday list includes more than just one person, and even those who don’t immediately jump to your mind when you think beauty brands. This list tackles presents for any men in your life be it older relatives, siblings, romantic partners, coworkers, and friends (but, truly, many of these are good for anyone, no matter their gender identity). There are shaving sets for smooth skin, travel kits that can be used right at home, and unique takes on commonly used products like deodorant and aftershave. These gifts range from the super personal — like a Tom Ford fragrance with a name that makes us LOL — to the simply useful, like a pack of unique lip balms or toothpastes instead.

Without further ado, check out 25-plus ideas for the men in your life found right at Sephora. OK, some of them are still like gifting yourself, too. (But, shhhh, we won’t tell if you don’t.)


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