What To Do If You Have No NYE Plans

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New Year’s Eve can feel like the loneliest day of all time when you don’t have plans.

Throughout my life, there have been a handful of times where I counted down the clock sitting on my couch feeling quite sorry for myself. One of those year’s was last year, as we rung in 2019 and I was 8 months pregnant and ready to pop. I didn’t want to go out and honestly wanted to be sitting right there on the couch. But it also felt very isolating and lonely.

There is truly nothing wrong with doing nothing for NYE. Grant would much rather not go out but after a year of staying in night after night playing parent’s, I feel ready to get my dancing shoes back on.

As we approached our plans for this year’s NYE, I put dozens of feelers out with friends and made Grant promise that we wouldn’t stay in.

But what do you do if you aren’t going or, or don’t want to go out, but also don’t want to throw a pity party instead? Here are a few helpful tips to crash your own pity party.

1. Look Past The Night

New Year’s Eve is only one night and one thing I can guarantee you is that it will not last forever. Do your best to think about your plans for the remainder of the week and avoid watching live parties on television.

2. Set Your Attitude To Gratitude

Kick off the evening on the right foot by planning a special dinner for yourself. Even if you’re cooking for one, be sure to plan out a few things you can do around your house such as cooking a nice long dinner with a bottle of good wine. Pick out a few movie options that you can look forward to. Over dinner, you can even bust out a pen and paper and make a list of everything you have in your life that you are truly grateful for.

3. Ask Around

You never know what friend’s from your circle might have zero plans too. Or, better yet, what friends you have that would rather stay in than go out.

4. If You WANT To Go Out

If you truly want to go out but can’t seem to find plans and are rolling solo, I strongly suggest calling around to your local hotels to see what events they have. Hotels always do something special for NYE and you will bump into traveler’s who are looking to make new friends on their vacation.

5. Go To Bed Early

Seriously this might seem weird but we did it one year and it really did work. Why stay up until midnight if you are only going to feel a little weird about it? Hit the sack early and hit them gym crowd free early on Jan 1st to get a head start on those resolutions. There is truly nothing better than waking up hangover free on New Year’s Day.

Do you have any plans this New Year’s? Have you ever stayed in? What was your experience like?

xoxo jacey

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