What To Shop At The Reformation Sale

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24 August


Jessica Camerata shares her Reformation sale favorites

Reformation quickly became a brand I loved a few years back. I remember walking into their SOHO store when I was in my mid 20s thinking, gosh I wish I could afford these pieces. A few years later, I picked up a few pieces and realized, yes it is 100% worth the money. And guess what, although their sales are rare, they’re a GREAT deal and a must shop.

There’s some pieces in my closet that have lasted years like this little under $100 dress that I have in a few colors. And this pretty tank that is just perfect for tucking into your jeans for a bodysuit like look. And their more pricey dresses are great for cocktails, weddings and vacations. But also as you can see here in this look, great for just running around in a casual look. I love when pieces can be dressed up and down with absolute ease. And I feel that is the definition of a great Reformation dress.

floral dress and denim jacket for summer

Below are some of my absolute favorite pieces from the sale. From great dresses like maxis and minis to wrap dresses (their signature!). To the best tops like the Canyon Top which is the BEST tank (size up it runs small). And denim. I’m not yet sold on their denim but I’ve heard good things from other people, it just didn’t really work for me personally. I do love their silhouettes and washes, but they’re definitely cut not for me.

Reformation Sizing

I typically take a medium or 6 in most of the Reformation pieces both dresses and tops. I find it runs a tad small. For non body shaping pieces, I sometimes take a small. I’m notorious for ordering 2 sizes always because I just fall in between so often. There’s no shame in that though with free shipping and returns though.



converse with floral maxi dressFloral reformation dressdenim jacket with floral maxi dress

I also want to acknowledge that Reformation had some rocky moments a few months ago with their founder saying some disgusting things. I questioned the brand, wondered if I’d ever shop from them again. And to be honest, I haven’t just yet. I still love the brand, the pieces and what they stand for as a company like sustainability, empowering the women’s body and having an LA factory. If you hate them for what Yael the founder said and never want to shop there again, I totally get it. Cancel culture is real this year and although I support calling people out for wrong doings, I’m not sure how I feel about totally cancelling someone. I think they should learn, take responsibility and hopefully grow. Maybe that’s for a whole other post to discuss, but I wanted to acknowledge their wrong doings because I was shocked by it all.

Photos by Hannah Lozano


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