What’s Your Favorite Christmas Tradition

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Jessica Spending Time  With Her Dog As One Of Her Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just around the corner and it always gets me feeling a little nostalgiac. Between the holiday music that I remember playing in my Grandparent’s house, to the homemade ravioli we eat every year, some things never change. And I like it that way.

Our mornings are always pretty much the same in our house when it comes to Christmas. We start with opening presents, always taking turns. I remember being at an old boyfriend’s house for Christmas one morning. Everyone opened presents all at the same time. No one knew who got what and it was over within 3 minutes. I was baffled by it.

After presents, it’s the same breakfast every year. Our family is more into a savory breakfast with eggs, potatoes and sausage. Don’t get me wrong, I love this challah french toast my Mom makes. But Christmas morning is for sausage and eggs, always!

Once breakfast is over, it’s onto stockings. Why are stockings so fun? The dogs now have their own too at my parents. What do we think Pork’s going to get this year?

Our little routine is something we’ve been doing since I can remember. What are your Christmas traditions?

Photo by Hannah Lozano

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