Your Cheat Sheet to Holiday Party Etiquette

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‘Tis the season to start making rounds to all of the holiday ho downs you’ve been invited to this year.

Whether it’s an office holiday party, your boyfriend’s big family Christmas event or a small gathering of friends, there are a few friendly guidelines to follow. Depending on the event and amount of people attending, you might be stuck asking yourself various questions. Do I go solo or bring a date? How dressed up should I be? Can I arrive late and leave early?

Below you will find answers to frequently asked anxiety stricken questions.

1. Do Not Drink at the Office Holiday Party

Okay so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But don’t for one second think that your colleagues and bosses are just letting their hair down for the night and will look the other way. You are still on the clock and being watched and judged so don’t get sloshed off egg nog.

2. Do Talk To Different Groups

Whether you’re at a holiday party or a friend of a friend’s party, be sure to circulate through various groups and conversations. It’s not only polite to the host and hostess but you will be more likely to have a great time and perhaps make a few new connections.

3. Always Thank The Host

This is without a doubt the most important piece of etiquette you should take with you. If you’re looking to earn brownie points, bring along a gift for the hosts too, such as a candle or bottle of liquor – but this is only required if the event is at someone’s home.

4. Be Cautious with Plus Ones

It truly depends on the function but it’s alway best to ask the party host(s) if you can bring along a date. If it’s a work party and you want to bring a special someone, my rule of thumb has always been that if you’ve been dating over a year and it’s a serious relationship then you can ask if it’s okay. I would definitely be very careful to bring a random date to an office party. Keep in mind that your date is a reflection on you too.

5. Don’t Leave Cups Behind

This is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves as someone who throws an annual party every holiday. Naturally there are going to be empty, half empty and even full cups of alcohol lefts on every shelve, stool, chair and corner of the house. But as a guest, you would really be doing to host a solid by taking your cup back to the kitchen. Better yet, ask the host where you can leave your cup and they will remember you forever.

Do you have any big holiday parties marked on your calendar? Which one are you look forward to attending? Do you have any pro tips to share in the comments below!? 

xoxo jacey

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